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Project Description

Marsden Park


Commercial, residential
Location: Clydesdale NSW

Boyuan owns a 10.52ha site at 1270 Richmond Road at Marsden Park, NSW referred to as Heritage Land and includes the historic Clydesdale House. It sits within the larger Marsden Park Clydesdale Estate, a 215.97ha property development which is owned by entities related to Boyuan (Marsden Park).

Most of the Heritage Land has a State Registered Curtilage, including Cydesdale House, and surrounding stables, shed, cottage, graveyard and driveway access.

Boyuan has engaged specialist heritage architects to work with the Heritage Council to ensure existing heritage buildings are incorporated into a “living heritage” urban village. The mixed-use development will feature 600 designer homes and 2000 luxury apartments, together with retail, entertainment and recreational activities and open green space.

In addition to owning the Heritage Land, Boyuan has entered into a sales and marketing agreement with its sister company Cyan Stone and will derive fees from sales.

10.52ha of commercial, residential space
‘Living heritage’ urban village
Precinct 2 – 1,421 Apartments
Precinct 3 – 275 Land Lot Subdivision
Precinct 4 – Heritage Precinct