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Project Description

Jiaxing Project

Commercial, residential
Location: China

The Group recently completed the development of a mixed-use property complex, known as the Jiayuan Central Plaza Project, in Jiaxing City, Constructed over two phases, it included 758 units with overall floorage of 120,000 square metres.

Phase 1, comprising three buildings and underground car parking, was completed in 2013 with overall floorage of 38,300 square metres. Most of the retail units and apartments havebeen sold.

Phase 2, comprising seven buildings and an underground car park, was completed in 2016 with overall floorage of 39,400 square metres. High-end leaseholders include retail outlets, banks and cinemas.

The Group will not undertake any further developments in China, instead focusing on opportunities in the red-hot Australian property

Detailed Facts

Phase 1, 38,300 sqm, retail and apartments
Phase 2, 39,400 sqm, retail outlets, banks and cinemas